What Is Unbreakable?

Recover Quickly From Any Situation

What the heck does unbreakable mean anyway. That you become hard like steel? Ha! Unbreakable truly means able to recover quickly after challenging or shattering situations. 

Unbreakable doesn’t mean getting hard and tight. It means -- to get so empowered that you know how to get back-up quickly after life’s challenges knock you about. Life guarantees that you will be challenged it’s only what you do with the challenges. I hold everyone needs a better life toolkit.

I created this for you to have priceless tools and be supported each step of the way with me. I trust you are smart enough to jump in. I created a price point that you can’t resist it. So you can be resilient, not resistant. 


  • You had more energy.
  • You had better life tools, tips and techniques in coping with life.
  • You want support in creating stellar habits that uplevel your life.
  • You had the all precious “more time”.


  • The secrets to simplicity.
  • To become truly unbreakable in times of stress.
  • Habits that will support you, THE REAL YOU, to get through anything. Yes anything.


  • 11 videos that will support and encourage you
  • An amazing eBook: Your Unbreakable Divinely  Empowered Life.
  • A workbook and video for each section.



Buy one, Get one free. For the first time ever, anyone who enrolls in this course is able to give this Unbreakable program away for free to one person of your choosing. This way you and your friend/relative/coworker can take this program together and talk about it.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the course!
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    • How to use this course
  • 02
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    • Gift Unbreakable to 1 Friend!
  • 03
    Let's get started!
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    • Meet Gurutej & Introduction to This Course
    • 7 Pillars to Reclaim Your Energy for a Divinely Empowered Life (eBook & Workbook)
    • 1. Desire (VIDEO)
    • 2. Discipline (VIDEO)
    • 3. Sleep (VIDEO)
    • 4. Waking Up (VIDEO)
    • 5. Food (VIDEO)
    • 6. Exercise (VIDEO)
    • 8. Breathing (VIDEO)
    • 7. Meditation (VIDEO)
    • 9. Integrity/Innocence (VIDEO)
    • 10. Simplicity / Sustainability (VIDEO)
  • 04
    Wait... there is more ...
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    • Free Bonus: 1 Hour Yoga, Meditation Class With Gurutej
    • More resources for you
  • 05
    Bonus: Schedule a Free Private Session with Gurutej
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    • Book a Free Appointment

Give It A Try. You May Find It Can Really Serve You To Become Truly Unbreakable.

It Is Now Or Never

Walk Through This Door To Your Unbreakable Life.

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“Gurutej brings a simple elegance in sharing profoundly transformational tools. Read what she says. Listen to the tone of her messages for you. Feel the vibration of her heart. You will discover what 'Unbreakable' really means. ”

Producer of Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

Keith Lyons

“Gurutej is a gift to the planet. She is authentic and powerful, yet practical. Every process she gives you is something you can easily practice. And she's a generous giver. So what you get for the price is really valuable. You'll love this course as much as I do. It's not overwhelming and you can do it at your own pace. If you want to find ways to get through and rise above challenges, this is like an emergency toolkit!!”

Quantum Success Coach

Lisa Winton

“ I have often thought a manual for life should be issued at birth. Now Gurutej has created one. WOW… is all I can say! The concepts and processes seem so simple, but I can attest to what a BIG difference they have made in my life. If you want to be empowered and live a life of grace, do the work, it’s worth it.”

Lorri Craig

“Gurutej's Unbreakable Course gives you practical, easy, doable tools to get you clear, to stay in your empowered grace, get your energy flowing & live a fulfilled life. If you want to be comfortable in your own skin so you can shine and radiate your light then this course is for you.”