Spring Equinox Workshop

Saturday March 21st 4-7 pm 

$45 pre- registered

$54 after March 15th


Located at:
The Blessing Center
1310 Carmona Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90019 


The time be reborn is now


Allow the seed which fermented in winters coat 


burst open

You can energize your life with the vitality, 

you need


You surrender.

This is your chance to 

Align yourself with the cycle of the season 


You can become your true self

You can fearlessly embrace the unknown 

The seeds of your Essence can sprout

You can experience Your Divine rebirth

 Create, Pray, Dance, Embrace Rituals, Harmonize, Claim

This is meant for the deepest enjoyment

Feed all parts of you including sharing food afterwards.

This Price Ends Soon

$45 today $54 after March 15th