Want to understand the Inner Secrets of a woman’s emotional being?


The Moon Centers are the doorway into so much in-depth understanding of the essence of you, as a woman, or you as a being who wants to understand women. 

GET Support in understanding the gifts of each Moon Center and how you can access and utilize them.

If yes, then you will want to join me for this 6-week series which I have never offered before and may never again.

Just say, yes, and jump in.

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This is for you if…

Unlock Your Inner Power

  • You want to understand yourself or women better.
  • You feel run over and ruled by your emotions. 
  • You wish your intuition worked better.
  • You wanted to know how to get more true, lasting beauty.
  • You want insights into the secrets of your sensual self.
  • You want to lose physical, emotional and mental weight.


What you'll get out of this online course

  1. A deeper understanding of how your emotions really work and how they can work for you. 
  2. How to increase your intuition in everyday life.
  3. How to become radiant, look younger and feel more gorgeous.
  4. How to be able to love yourself more deeply and connect with everyone else in your life more effortlessly. 
  5. How to connect to your sensual, sexual, sensory self as a doorway to your divine self. 
  6. How to be happier with less weight.

You will get

Summary what's inside this online course

•    6 personal RECORDED calls with me. It’s priceless. (Over 360 minutes of recordings)

•    A digital copy of my Moon Centers book 

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Now is the time to get to know this science.

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Live & On-demand

Call schedule

These Calls will always be there for you to listen to or watch or both.

Week 1.  Overview of Moon Centers and how these can elevate and empower your everyday life.

Week 2. Intuition. How you can use the Moon Centers to expand your intuition and strategic power.

Week 3. Relationships. How the Moon Centers can unveil and reveal your capacity to love more completely and allow love to come to you. 

Week 4. Health. Understanding the secrets of the Moon Centers can be your key to flourishing personal health.

Week 5. Beauty/Radiance. Understanding how these amazing Moon Centers create a clear path to more radiant beauty. 

Week 6. Sensual. A sexual, sensory you. These Moon Centers are sexy. How to awaken your sensory, sensual, sexual you in ways to serve and expand your vastness. 

Bonus Last Week Extended Call.

Deeper Dive. The Why and How. Why you want to embrace these centers in your life and share this sacred science with others. How you can do that.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    How to Use This Course
    Show details
    • How to use this technology
    • Your TMSRY Resources - Must Read This
  • 02
    Show details
    • The Moon She Rocks You (e-Book)
    • Book a Private Free Session With Gurutej
    • Map of the Moon Centers (Hi-Res PDF)
    • Join Our Private Facebook Group
  • 03
    Downloadable Video Calls
    Show details
    • Moon Centers 1 - Overview
    • Moon Centers 2 - Intuition
    • Moon Centers 3 - Beauty & Radiance
    • Moon Centers 4: Relationships
    • Moon Centers 5: Health
    • Moon Centers 6: Sensual
  • 04
    50% OFF Gurutej's Moon Centers Certification Course
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    • Coupon Code & Instructions

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“Gurutej Kaur is a true gift to the yoga world, she is able to communicate the living ancient wisdom of Kundalini yoga through her natural and practical teaching on the Moon Centers, which vibrates with flowing consciousness. Gurutej awakens through her love on sharing the secrets of women from within, and her teachings in her book will resonate with women and men at all levels of experience on the spiritual path.”

International yoga teacher and co-founder of Lisa’s Yoga, Niagara on the Lake Canada

Devi Kirn Kaur

“I am so grateful for this Moon Centers Certification Course. Now that I have completed it I’m utilizing this wisdom on a daily basis. I am SO kind to myself. My internal dialogue is more understanding, patient, and connected. I have great tools to forecast where my emotions may be headed. I can chose one of the many tools within the program to get empowered and neutral to utilize my gifts. I’m incorporating all these tools in my current classes and planning workshops. Don’t miss out on your dive into Empowerment.”

Mother, Wife, Business Owner, Teacher in San Luis Obispo, California

Jody Baker

“The moon center road, has been an enriching and powerful tool in my life, an amazing journey. I have discovered sacred and valuable information that Gurutej Kaur has lovingly brought to us with her unique energy and grace. I invite you to join this program and give yourself the opportunity to know yourself better and deeper. Dare to connect with your inner power.”

Dominican Republic



100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Here’s my guarantee: Participate fully in the Moon Centers Certification. Watch the videos listen to the audios each week and do your homework, workbook. If you aren’t completely satisfied by your results after 90 days, just show me your homework and exercises – so I know you went through the program. Then share why this didn’t work for you – and I will happily refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back. Blessings.

Giving Back – Peace 4 Kids

You will get to support yourself, your students and friends and many inner city youth of Los Angeles as we will donate 10% of all profits from The Moon Centers Master Class will go to this wonderful organization helping kids have some enriching, uplifting experiences and support in their less than supported current lives. You will make the difference.

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