Are You Tired Of Being Owned By Your Emotions Instead Of Knowing How To Claim Them And Utilize Their Gifts?

Unlock Your Inner Power

See If Any Of These Resonate With You.

  • Do you ever feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster.
  • Love to know how to chart your emotions and be able to use them instead of having them use you.
  • One day you’re a fearless superstar, the next you just want to curl up in a cocoon of safety.
  • Feel heavy and bogged dow
  • Lost your sensual, sexual sensory self.
  • Want to know what you really should be eating.
  • Know there must be tools out there you need but haven’t found them.

Are You Ready For Change?

You probably already know the moon’s close connection with women. The moon’s cycle of waxing and waning coincides with the tides and the natural rhythms of the human body.

Residing in eleven different physical places in the woman’s body, these centers are more than just symbolic.

Would You Like To Know:

  • What energizing foods you should be consuming on certain days?
  • What your energy robbers are and how to avoid or substitute them?
  • Breathing exercises to power you up to tackle new projects?
  • Ways to divert and convert yourself when you’re using your moon center’s power in a negative way?
  • Which are the best days to invite love and intimacy into your life?
  • What’s more, you follow a unique pattern that you can track and come to expect every single month. 
  • Women who know this virtually eliminate the frustration of feeling they are at the mercy of their whims.


  • VIDEOS, 
  • PDFS 

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Summary of what's included in this course

What You Get:

• 9 Hours of DVDs (Exercises and breathing techniques and just plain old practical advice specifically paired with each of the eleven Moon Centers for maximum happiness and effectiveness as you pass through each center

• Audio Recording of the book

• The book The Moon She Rocks You, Revealing the Secrets of Women’s Inner Emotions – a 194-page Digital book that started it all, written by Gurutej Kaur.

• The workbook to support you through each Moon Center (Value: $47)

• A private Facebook group sharing your wisdom and insights. Gurutej will interact with you personally.

• 2 private 30-min calls with Gurutej within 3-months of your registration day

The opportunity to sit for your Moon Center Exam expires 1 year from your date of purchase. Get certified to teach!

New Bonuses!

• 1 audio recording of me teaching a 3-hr workshop on the Moon Centers so you have a sample 3-hr workshop.

• 1 audio of me teaching a 4-hr workshop on the Moon Centers so you have a sample 4-hr workshop.

Moon Center Truths For Women:

6 Hours of DVDs for Women: I’m speaking directly into you, sister to sister. Ancient communities valued these relationships between women because they passed valuable insights between each other. The bonds were critical to happy, healthy communities. Our calls cement these bonds. Let’s continue that tradition in the 21st century!

Wisdom to Reality – Helps you activate your wisdom in daily life.

Informed to Sensuous – Creates awakened dynamics & habits.

Claiming Intuitive Connection – Links your intuition to actions.

Compassion to Commitment – Unlocks fear to flow.

Organized to Divine – Gives understanding of Earth/Ether connection.

Social to Spiritual – Revealing the “Spiritual Warrioress” in you.


Moon Center Truths For Men About Your Woman:

3 Hours of DVDs for Men.

The seminar transcript for Men

Radio show on The Moon Centers for men understanding women.

The e-Book Men Understanding Women’s Moon Centers, The Secret to Woman and Her Changing Essence.

MEN: Knowing What Moon Center Your Women Is In Can Give You The Tools You Need To Help Her To The Most Balanced State Possible In Each Center. For You The Gift Of A More Relaxed Drama Free Life.

You Will Get

Do’s and Don’ts in each of the 11 centers. Total road map into her secret inner being.

How to have more fun and less drama in your life without killing anyone.

More insights, a new set of tools to go with the insights.

First Master Class Bonuses

Transcripts of all DVDs.

A newly-released cookbook.

The audio recording of “The Moon She Rocks You,” never – before offered. You’ll get six MP3’s to save to your phone or computer. 

MEN:Knowing What Moon Center Your Women Is In Can Give You The Tools You Need To Help Her To The Most Balanced State Possible In Each Center

Gift For You The Gift Of A More Relaxed Drama Free Life.

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Course curriculum

  • 01
    How to Use This Course
    Show details
    • How to use this course technology
  • 02
    Show details
    • Your TMSRY Resources
    • The Moon She Rocks You Book
    • Book a Private Free Session With Gurutej
    • Revealing the Secrets of Woman and their Emotions - Part 1
    • Revealing the Secrets of Woman and their Emotions - Part 2
    • Revealing the Secrets of Woman and their Emotions - Part 3
    • Revealing the Secrets of Woman and their Emotions -Part 4
    • Revealing the Secrets of Woman and their Emotions - Part 5
    • Revealing the Secrets of Woman and their Emotions - Part 6
    • Map of the Moon Centers (Hi-Res PDF)
    • Teaching the Moon Centers to Students – Sample Class (Audio)
    • Join Our Private Facebook Group
  • 03
    Week 1: TMSRY Cert Class 1
    Show details
    • Welcome to TMSRY Cert Class 1: Introduction and Your First Moon Centers
    • TMSRY Session 1: Manual & Workbook
    • Moon centers intro week #1
  • 04
    Week 2: TMSRY-Cert-Class-2
    Show details
    • TMSRY-Cert-Class-2
    • TMSRY Session 2: Manual & Workbook
    • Moon centers intro week #2
  • 05
    Week 3: TMSRY-Cert-Class-3
    Show details
    • TMSRY-Cert-Class-3
    • TMSRY-workbook-session-3m
  • 06
    Week 4
    Show details
    • TMSRY-Cert-Class-4
    • TMSRY-workbook-session-4
  • 07
    Week 5
    Show details
    • TMSRY-Cert-Class-5
    • TMSRY-workbook-session-5
  • 08
    Week 6
    Show details
    • TMSRY-Cert-Class-6
    • Cookbook for Your Extra Month (A 25-Page Downloadable & Printable Cookbook!)
    • TMSRY Radio Show targeted to men (2009-11-04-Robert)
    • TMSRY Radio Show targeted to men - 2012-05-02_paul.mp3
    • TMSRY Radio Show targeted to men - 2012-07-16_paul
  • 09
    Week 7
    Show details
    • TMSRY-Cert-Class-7
    • TMSRY-workbook-session-7m
  • 10
    Week 8
    Show details
    • TMSRY-Cert-Class-8
    • TMSRY-workbook-session-8
  • 11
    Week 9
    Show details
    • TMSRY-Cert-Class-9
    • TMSRY-workbook-session-9m
  • 12
    Week 10
    Show details
    • TMSRY-Cert-Class-10
    • TMSRY-workbook-session-10
  • 13
    Week 11
    Show details
    • TMSRY-Cert-Class-11
  • 14
    BONUS! Tons of free resources and content
    Show details
    • 11 Days, 11 Moon Centers
    • Lifetime Access Audios
  • 15
    Week 12: Final Exam
    Show details
    • Welcome To Your Final Exam.
    • Moon Centers Master Class Exam

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This Is For You If?

  • You want better mental, physical and emotional health

  • You are ready to claim or reclaim your Sensory, Sensual Sexual health

  • You feel the power of this possibility.

  • You want more energy and radiance and yes beauty. To Glow!

  • You get how you can serve your community with this empowerment knowledge 


“Gurutej Kaur is a true gift to the yoga world, she is able to communicate the living ancient wisdom of Kundalini yoga through her natural and practical teaching on the Moon Centers, which vibrates with flowing consciousness. Gurutej awakens through her love on sharing the secrets of women from within, and her teachings in her book will resonate with women and men at all levels of experience on the spiritual path.”

International yoga teacher and co-founder of Lisa’s Yoga, Niagara on the Lake Canada

Devi Kirn Kaur

““Gurutej’s The Moon She Rocks You is an incredible journey to self awareness. Nowhere can you find the guidance and intimate knowledge of the body and it’s moon centers as they relate to everyday emotions than in this book. There are so many morsels of wisdom that can help us all become more acquainted with our true essence. Love, love, love it.”

Owner of Hugos Restaurants in Los Angeles, Californiarole

Emily Kaplan

“I am so grateful for this Moon Centers Certification Course. Now that I have completed it I’m utilizing this wisdom on a daily basis. I am SO kind to myself. My internal dialogue is more understanding, patient, and connected. I have great tools to forecast where my emotions may be headed. I can chose one of the many tools within the program to get empowered and neutral to utilize my gifts. I’m incorporating all these tools in my current classes and planning workshops. Don’t miss out on your dive into Empowerment.”

Mother, Wife, Business Owner, Teacher in San Luis Obispo, California

Jody Baker

“The moon center road, has been an enriching and powerful tool in my life, an amazing journey. I have discovered sacred and valuable information that Gurutej Kaur has lovingly brought to us with her unique energy and grace. I invite you to join this program and give yourself the opportunity to know yourself better and deeper. Dare to connect with your inner power.”

Dominican Republic



100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Here’s my guarantee: Participate fully in the Moon Centers Certification. Watch the videos listen to the audios each week and do your homework, workbook. If you aren’t completely satisfied by your results after 90 days, just show me your homework and exercises – so I know you went through the program. Then share why this didn’t work for you – and I will happily refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back. Blessings.

Giving Back – Peace 4 Kids

You will get to support yourself, your students and friends and many inner city youth of Los Angeles as we will donate 10% of all profits from The Moon Centers Master Class will go to this wonderful organization helping kids have some enriching, uplifting experiences and support in their less than supported current lives. You will make the difference.

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