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This Is For You If:

  • If you feel you’re missing out on REALLY enjoying your life.
  • If you are lacking the mental clarity and vision you need to succeed.
  • If you are tired and overwhelmed, not having time for you or much of anything.
  • If you know there is more and you want that more but don’t have time to even see what that is.
  • If you are tired of feeling disconnected, impatient, and often “hard” in your life.

What You Will Get:

✓ Quick, easy, ways to get back to a truly empowered state during your day not somewhere time in the future.

✓ Improved mental clarity.

✓ Expanded capacity to make clear, consistently great decisions in business and life.

✓ The ability to stretch time and space.

✓ More patience and compassion to bring to your personal and business relationships.

✓ Tools you can share with your entire family and staff to be more energized.

✓ ENERGY really GREAT energy — not the fake kind from sugar or caffeine.


What's Inside The Empowerment Tool Kit?:

  1. 22 /90 sec. “I AM” videos. Each a separate aspect of your “I amness.” Ex: I am loved, I am fed, I am supported, I am my legacy
  2. Audio file of daily empowerment tips in my voice. Available to you any time to listen and get back to Energized connected you
  3. Digital Book - the book chapters and videos are linked. You can use one or both.

    Workbook within the book - that at any moment ask yourself a question and answer it to regain your power, your focus, your joy

  4. Pick a breath or meditation or tip and do it for 10 min./day for 40 days, each day to strengthen an Empowered You!

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Course curriculum

  • 01
    How to Use This Course
    Show details
    • How to use this course technology
  • 02
    Welcome to I Am Empowered!
    Show details
    • Welcome to I Am Empowered (Online Course)
  • 03
    Downloadable Resources
    Show details
    • Download Files and Process
  • 04
    I am ...
    Show details
    • Part 1: I am Desire, I am Supported, I am Organized
    • Part 2: I am Clear, I am Habits, I am Fed
    • Part 3: I am Priceless, I am Connected, I am Joyous
    • Part 4: I am Movement, I am Grateful, I am My Legacy
  • 05
    7 Bonus Meditations
    Show details
    • Meditation to Activate Desire
    • Meditation to Activate Support
    • Meditation to Activate Organization
    • Meditation to Become Fed
    • Meditation to Become Priceless
    • Meditation to Be Connected
    • Meditation to Claim Your Legacy


“Gurutej’s flow of delivering knowledge blended with a powerful experience was transformational within the first few minutes of engagement. As I sipped in 4 part breath series, I instantly experienced clarity as I wrote the solution to one of my challenges. This is truly a soul strengthening empowerment toolkit!”

International yoga teacher and co-founder of Lisa’s Yoga, Niagara on the Lake Canada

– Jessica Brazil

“Thank you! I have no words to express my gratitude for your amazing program. The teachings, love and sharing are so empowering. Everything is so clear, right to the soul to the empowered me, with simplicity yet profound. A perfect combination of knowledge and ‘to go” practice that really enhance me in multiple ways. I can keep on writing trying to express how I feel, renewed, reconnected, Empowered. It activated an amazing inner feeling of connection and light that everyone noticed. I feel My I am nees. An abundance magnet. Deep gratitude once again. I wish everyone would give themselves this gift.”

Yoga Teacher/ Healer LaPaz Bolivia

HarBhajan Khalsa

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100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Here’s my guarantee: Participate fully. Watch the videos, listen to the audios each week and do your homework/workbook. If you aren’t completely satisfied by your results after 90 days, just show me your homework and exercises – so I know you went through the program. Then share why this didn’t work for you – and I will happily refund your entire tuition and give you all your money back. Blessings.

Giving Back – Peace 4 Kids

You will get to support yourself, your students and friends and many inner city youth of Los Angeles as we will donate 10% of all profits to this wonderful organization helping kids have some enriching, uplifting experiences and support in their less than supported current lives. You will make the difference.

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