You need this if you see yourself in any of these:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety 
  • Weight gain 
  • The darker days and longer nights get to you
  • You have family challenges
  • You feel left out, the uninvited one
  • You stress over gift giving
  • You agonize with figuring out who to get gifts for and what to get
  • You are overwhelmed by ALL the expectations the holidays bring
  • You are over spending

You have come to the right place we are going to address and give you quick, easy, antidotes for all of these symptoms. There is a saying in the plant kingdom that the cure for every poisonous plant always lies in a 3” Radius of that plant. I want you to have antidotes to these situations and more in close radius to you. So you can apply the quick easy antidote in the moment. If you say yes you will have access to all these tools during the holiday and beyond. Priceless. 

You Will Get:

  • Tips to help get insights and curb overspending
  • Get some guidelines about gifting
  • Lose the struggle with “did you get the right…..”
  • Easy ways to Release anger and reactions
  • Tips to help with the darker days
  • Simple effective ways to avoid the weight gain. So you don’t have to stress about taking it off.
  • A way to claim the gift of deep Peace and Happiness during the Holidays oh and beyond


  • Videos that will give you 1-3 min on the spot re-connection tools
  • Awesome, easy meditations to claim an empowered you in 3 min.
  • Inspiring sayings with great visuals that will relax you
  • Great introspective 1min questions that in answering will bring you back to peace
  • 40 days is the time required to break a habit.
  • Give yourself and your friends the priceless gift of breaking old Holiday habits and gaining effective ones that create the Holiday ease you long for.

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What's Inside This Course

  • 01
    Welcome to the course!
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    • How to use this course (VIDEO)
    • A message from Gurutej (VIDEO)
  • 02
    Want to solve one of your biggest holiday Stressor right now?
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  • 03
    Book a Free Session
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    • Book a free private call with Gurutej - If You paid for the PRO Version please indicate such when you book so we can arrange two 1 hour calls.
  • 04
    Conflict and Conflict Resolutions
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    • Something got under your skin? (VIDEO)
    • Can you truly change the past? (VIDEO)
    • Gift to you so easy and wonderful too. (DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEET)
    • When there's conflict...
  • 05
    Show details
    • Ready to Release Fear ...? (VIDEO)
    • Your Top 3 wishes this Holiday Season? (DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEET)
    • Dark Times at ... (VIDEOS)
    • Be the Container, not the Drainer
  • 06
    When you are being tested...
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    • Meditation for When You Are Being Challenged (VIDEO)
    • When you need to break up a... (VIDEO)
  • 07
    Show details
    • Tools for Releasing Depression (VIDEO)
    • The Food Freakouts (DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEET)
    • Majical Anger Release (VIDEO)
  • 08
    The Left Out Syndrome
    Show details
    • Do you feel left out?
    • Brain Calm Anyone? (VIDEO)
    • The Great Neutralizer
  • 09
    Evoke Love
    Show details
    • Innocence Evokes Love (VIDEO)
    • When you don't know what to do try this.... (VIDEO)
    • Biggest Holiday Fear (DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEET)
    • What is the source of your joy?
  • 10
    Getting Energy
    Show details
    • Calling Energy back to you. (VIDEO)
    • What part of your body gets the most tight? (VIDEO)
    • The Expectations (DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEET)
  • 11
    Show details
    • What will you reclaim for the holidays?
    • Give up the fear...
    • This is the Tesla of Meditations (VIDEO)
    • The Expectations (DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEET)
  • 12
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    • Are you ready for calm? (VIDEO)
    • What is your biggest roadblock during the holidays?
    • Want to be more flexible? (VIDEO)
    • Okay it's still about food... (Healthy Holiday Treats)
    • Depression release for you and others (VIDEO)
  • 13
    Get Clear and Bright
    Show details
    • Get your light back (VIDEO)
    • Become the magnetic you

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Holiday Over Spending | Family Stressors | Weight Gain

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“Gurutej gives such easy yet powerful tips for staying sane through the holiday season. Each daily email has a pearl of wisdom I could quickly apply to my day ahead, and a great short video with a helpful breathing exercise that were very easy to use throughout each day. Great program!”

Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Diabetes Educator

Dr. Jody Stanislaw

“Gurutej has done it again! The Holiday Stress Ease series has already shifted the energy for me from one of overwhelming anticipation of the Holiday season to excited expansive creative feelings of wonder and joy! Thank you for sharing these teachings! ”

Co-owner, Co- Creator Hugos Restaurants and Taco’s


“Receiving Gurutej’s nuggets of wisdom on how navigate the holiday gracefully is incredibly valuable! Each morning, a jewel appears in my Inbox, offering time proven tactics that encourage us to be our present best. Taking those moments to ground myself sets the foundation for a inspired and connected day.”

Landscape Designer and Organizational Development Consultant

Diane Martell

Pricing options

Sales Price Or Pay for Two Private Calls