Energy Training for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

Online tools designed for the Highly Sensitive Person to help you understand your nervous systems, control your focus, breathing and energy through the use of meditations, yogic exercises, journals, calendars and much more.

With Gurutej Khalsa 

Gurutej is a Kundalini Yoga and Energy Systems Master. Gurutej has the depth and training to help highly sensitive people cope with love, loss, empowerment, success, balance and emotions... She is the author of 3 popular books including: A Slice of the Beloved: Yoga for Relationships, The Moon She Rocks You: Revealing the Secrets of Women’s Inner Emotions, and The 13th Month: How to Get an Extra 29 Days Each Year. She has also developed transformative powerful online courses: "The Moon She Rocks You", "Empower Your Essence", and "I Am Empowered", "Unbreakable", "Awaken with Gurutej" and "Abundant Energy Abundant Life".


As Highly Sensitive People everyday events can become overwhelming. The mundane of attending a weekly business meeting when you’re not in your right frame of mind can seem too difficult to overcome. Better understanding yourself and accepting yourself as Highly Sensitive People (HSP) is the first step in being equipped mentally and physically to overcome things that may be holding you back as an HSP.


Then I started to follow Gurutej Khalsa and her energy system tools and meditations. It changed my life. I designed this online program with the help of Gurutej, an internationally recognized Kundalini Yoga Master and expert in the bodies energy systems.  She has helped me and hundreds of thousands of people re-connect deeply and transform what might be your weaknesses into strengths. 


Highly Sensitive People need to receive information in multiple ways as part of your highly sensitized electromagnetic fields. To really help you, we created online tools in the form of videos, audios, blogs and printable journals and calendars.

Our contributors have been featured in...

Media & Press

  • Today Show
  • Discovery Channell
  • Vogue
  • LA Yoga
  • AARP

With the help of Gurutej Khalsa, these systems will help train your bodies energy systems to be better equipped to handle your emotions.

This online program offers:

  • Guidance on how to take action for a more empowered life
  • Yoga for your Nervous Systems
  • Breathing techniques to help ease fears and tensions
  • Tips on dealing with relationships with other and yourself
  • Spiritual practices
  • Diet plans for energy
  • Intimate Community Support.

Consider yourself Gifted as a Highly Sensitive Person. You see the world more connectedly and how you are a part of it. This program is for you if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You are sensitive
  • You feel you need to be alone
  • You struggle with stress and anxiety
  • You have a low self esteem or self worth
  • You may process information on a far deeper level than others
  • You care deeply for others
  • You may be able to see more connections around you
  • You may experience anxiety - and it can hit like a wave - for no reason at all.
  • Crowded or noisy environments intimate you
  • It's often hard for you not to be reactive in relationships with others and even yourself
  • 01
    Before You Begin...
    Show details
    • How to Use This Course!
    • Take the Quiz (Do Elaine Aron's HSP Quiz) If you score over 14, there is a good chance you are a Highly Sensitive Person)
    • Understanding Your Brain as a HSP
    • Why Meditation for Highly Sensitive People Helps With Over-Stimulation (STUDY)
    • Meditation for When You Don't Know What To Do
    • Your Must Read Book - The 13th Month Will Help to Balance Your Mind, Body and Spirit
    • Focused attention, open monitoring and automatic self-transcending: Categories to organize meditations from Vedic, Buddhist and Chinese traditions.
  • 02
    Join our Private Facebook Group!
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    • Join Group
  • 03
    Kundalini Yoga for the Immune System - Increase Vital Energy
    Show details
    • Introduction to Your Immune System, Explained by Kundalini Master Gurutej Kaur
    • Immune System Exercises (1 Hour Video)
  • 04
    Kundalini Yoga for Your Energy's Nervous Systems
    Show details
    • Understanding Your Nervous System - The Yogic Point of View
    • 7 Ways to Help Tune Up Your Nervous System (With Video Breathing Exercise)
    • Reboot your Energy Nervous System
  • 05
    Meditations Involving Attention and Awakening
    Show details
  • 06
    Meditations Involving Relaxation & Rejoicing
    Show details
    • Your Daily Awaken Calendar (DOWNLOAD + PRINT)
    • Journal Questions for Relaxation (PRINT OUT)
    • Relax & Rejoice (AUDIO)
    • Meditation and Mantra for the Month
  • 07
    Meditations for Real Energy
    Show details
    • Your Daily Awaken Calendar (DOWNLOAD + PRINT)
    • Journal Questions for Achieving Real Energy (PRINT OUT)
  • 08
    Meditations for Releasing Anger and Releasing Overwhelmingness
    Show details
    • Your Daily Awaken Calendar (DOWNLOAD + PRINT)
    • Journal Questions for Releasing Anger and Feeling Overwhelmed (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 4: Mantra Har (AUDIO)
    • Dragon Breath (VIDEO)
  • 09
    Meditations to Remove Feelings of Betrayal
    Show details
    • Your Daily Awaken Calendar (DOWNLOAD + PRINT)
    • Journal Questions for Removing Self Betrayal and Listening to Your Higher Calling (PRINT OUT)
    • Self Betrayal (AUDIO)
    • Remove Self Betrayal and Listen to Your Higher Call (VIDEO)
  • 10
    Meditations to Help Deal With Fear
    Show details
    • Your Daily Awaken Calendar (DOWNLOAD + PRINT)
    • Journal Questions for Facing Your Fear (PRINT OUT)
    • Break Your Fear (AUDIO)
    • Meditation for Releasing Fear
    • To get rid of haunting thoughts Meditation (VIDEO)
  • 11
    Meditations to Strengthen You - From Exhausted To Empowered
    Show details
    • Your Daily Awaken Calendar (DOWNLOAD + PRINT)
    • Journal Questions for Becoming Empowered (PRINT OUT)
    • From Exhausted to Empowered (AUDIO)
    • Finger Flexing to Calm Nerves (VIDEO)
    • Poses to Help Boost Immune System
  • 12
    Meditations for Releasing Anxiety
    Show details
    • Your Daily Awaken Calendar (DOWNLOAD + PRINT)
    • Journal Questions for Releasing Anxiety (PRINT OUT)
    • The Mantra Wahe Guru (AUDIO)
    • Four Part Breathing Exercise (VIDEO)
  • 13
    Meditations for Mindfulness and Spirituality
    Show details
    • Your Daily Awaken Calendar (DOWNLOAD + PRINT)
    • Journal Questions for Busting Spiritual Myths (PRINT OUT)
    • Busting Spiritual Myths: Mantra Waho the Blessed Vastness (VIDEO)
    • Welcome to Class 9: Busting Spiritual Myths (AUDIO)
  • 14
    Meditations for Embracing Connections & Releasing Insecurity
    Show details
    • Your Daily Awaken Calendar (DOWNLOAD + PRINT)
    • Journal Questions for Embracing Connection & Releasing Insecurity (PRINT OUT)
    • Release Insecurity (AUDIO)
    • Mantra: I am bright I am beautiful I am I am I am I am (VIDEO)
  • 15
    Meditations for Releasing Depression
    Show details
    • Your Daily Awaken Calendar (DOWNLOAD + PRINT)
    • Month 11: Journal Questions for Letting Go of Depression (PRINT OUT)
    • Cracking Depression (AUDIO)
    • Releasing Depression (VIDEOS)
  • 16
    Meditations to Restructuring the Mind -From Chaos to Clarity
    Show details
    • Your Daily Awaken Calendar (DOWNLOAD + PRINT)
    • Journal Questions for Turning Your Chaos Into Clarity (PRINT OUT)
    • From Chaos to Clarity (AUDIO)
    • Chaos to Clarity Mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma (VIDEO)
    • Become Fearlessly Connected (Meditation)
    • Powerful Meditations to Clear Your Magnetic Fields
  • 17
    Show details
    • 5 Tips On How To Deal With Your Sensitivity & Beyond
    • What more do you want? A Poem by Gurutej
    • Do You Utilize Your Realizations?
    • True Prosperity Meditation
  • 18
    Bonus - Food Guidance
    Show details
    • Foods that Support Your Energy (DOWNLOADABLE)
    • Avoiding Sugar -Why You Should Avoid Sugar & Alternative Ideas
  • 19
    A Closing Thought...
    Show details
    • The Alchemy of Fear and How to Win

Introductory Prices

We recently opened this online portal to the public - and releasing it with lower prices. These rates will go up in the Spring.

What Others Say About Our Energy System Programs

Help Awaken Your Energy

“You are really inspiring female role model and so is your Awaken site. I love how you can incorporate the quick easy exercises when one is feeling stuck. I am doing them all. It's like dipping into a magic bag of goody tricks to make you feel WOW. I can't wait to discover and be the woman I want to be and your videos and teachings have been AMAZINGLY INSIGHTFUL, FUN, and INTERESTING. Thank you for your blessings. smiles and kindness ”

Veejay Kaur :-)

“Sat Nam Gurutej. I feel honored and blessed to have gotten your attention if even only for a moment. I am humbled and inspired by what I learned of you on line. I hope to perhaps one day get a chance to meet you in person and follow in your footsteps in my life. ”

Matthew Sutherlin

“Gurutej Kaur is the breath I dream of and a spiritual life force I strive for. The combined energy of both embody a very special and powerful woman. ”

Victoria Jackson Cosmetics

Victoria Jackson

“Our Greatest gift after studying with Gurutej Kaur for years is potential. We have received so much strength, compassion, endurance and awareness. This has helped our expansion in our Tom & Emily Kaplan.”

Tom & Emily Kaplan

Take this course now before life gets even more complex to live in…

Highly Sensitive People may process things more deeply than others due to neurotransmitters in your body and how your brain responds to your environment may differ from non Highly Sensitive People...

As the electronic world grows, the electromagentic pollutions further bombards the highly sensitive mind. 

These online tools help to open your magnetic fields. The tools in this program give you strength and techniques to control your bodies energy systems to better respond to life's daily challenges as a highly sensitive person.

Rebuild Your Energy Systems to Rebuild Your Bodies Response to Life's Daily Challenges

We Invite You to Take Control

Start today.

No Longer be Ruled by Your Emotions

Take Control Over Your Emotions

You will leave this online program with:

  • A deeper understanding of your brain and energy systems as a Highly Sensitive Person.
  • Learn more about your nervous systems and how it relates to your emotions and health.
  • Meditations in clearing your magnetic fields
  • Ability to calm yourself in situations that may bring you anxiety 
  • Diet plans that help aid in energy, sleep and focus
  • Tools that help push back fears
  • Exercises to help give you more strength
  • Audio mantras for relaxation and calm breathing techniques
  • Techniques in better controlling yourself and how you respond to your environment
  • Improved relationship techniques and response mechanisms
  • Journal and calendar tools to help you stay on your path to a stronger, more focused you.

Intimate Community Support Included! There is also a small and private Facebook Community which you will have access to as part of this program. The entire community is involved in this online program so they are a more informed niche of Highly Sensitive People using these tools to help navigate their lives.

Printable, Downloadable Journals & Exercises & Calendars-If you prefer having tools printable that you can carry with you wherever you go and need to write things down, we deliberately designed this online program to have tons of printable journals, exercises and calendars.

On-Demand, Anytime, Anywhere - This online program can be accessible at any time, from any where, and on any type of device.


Introductory Prices

We recently opened this online portal to the public - and releasing it with lower prices. These rates will go up in the Spring.