Empower Your Essence by Gurutej Khalsa (eBook)

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What does EYE mean besides “eye"? Empower Your Essence also means to see your life from your real EYE—your inner EYE. My Book, by this title, is being released today. Wahe Guru, big “greatful” cheer! So greatful. I hope you will take advantage. What does that mean for you?
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Empower Your Essence by Gurutej Khalsa (eBook)

Build Your Empowered Essence

All the violent events happening around us with such frequency are usually triggered by, yes, hate. But prior to hate is an unstable mind or mental projection—a mind that is out of our control and one that can lead to some horrific event (whether the news captures it or it is just too horrific for us and our loved ones). 

The antidote is how we can truly feed and empower the essence of us and make our vastness more empowered

All I can think of is that what people really want and long for is TRUE EMPOWERMENT that is empowered by your essence; not the quick fix but real tools that will help you create empowered habits so you will experience your grace, strength, clarity, and worth which are the cornerstones of your empowerment. 

There is a progression of how to unveil and build your empowered essence. 

First, you GET to know what desire is running your life, then know if that is the desire you want to have in charge of your life essence. 

Then look at YOUR legacy, the legacy you want to leave and work your life backwards from that point. In the 12 steps outlined in this book, you will have a true guideline to Empower Your Essence with great tools. 

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