• You want one-on-one time with Gurutej on a weekly basis.

  • You want to feel lighter, younger, and more connected with your work, your life, and your relationships.

  • You need to know what desire is Truly running or ruining your life.

  • You want to feel empowered and energized not driven and hol-low.

  • Remember what it felt like to enjoy the world, and delight in what is coming your way


The first 5 people to signup will get 1 extra private call with Gurutej

Please sign up fast. Spots are limited for this personalized program PLUS  the first 5 people who book this course will receive 1 extra private call with Gurutej.


If you are ready to leave behind the pain and be embraced by true support.

You know you need better tools to break through the dark cloud of anxiety and depression that follows you.

You have been putting off this big shift that is calling out to you for too long.

By the way, although many of these tools and techniques are rooted in yoga, you’ll never hear this stuff in a yoga class at the gym! It’s a shame, because healing is instan-taneous. I wish everyone could know this.

This Are What A Few Of My Clients Have Said About How This System Served Them.

This course has brought a coming together within me that I had experienced before but that had been lost. In my line of work overwhelm is the norm. This brought me back to a state of grace and ease which attracted much more prosperity for me, my business and my clients. I am grateful for all that I have received from you.
–Robin Sheldon owner of Artistry Agency

Gurutej, Thank you! I feel very blessed to have gone through the journey of this course with you. Transformation always leads to unexpected gifts these were tangible. I feel more relaxed, ready to embrace my work with renewed creativity and passion and most of all see my entire life with a much more expanded vision of what is possible. I have attracted miracles since working with you.
–Susan Peppe


Thank you for sharing your profound knowledge with us. I now have the tools I need to embrace these huge shifts after leaving my job and marriage. I feel ready and able to not only deal with these shifts but embrace the wonder and love that is flooding my life now. I look forward to more of your won-derful tools and insights to empower me in the future.
Dana Edwards


My teacher, Yogi Bhajan, Said this about me in a letter he wrote to me in Sept 1972. “ Gurutej you are a poet with the heart of a warrior (warrioress) and the head of a saint.” What this means for you is I have the vision to carry you through to your place of empowerment and the power to be there and fearlessly call you into your most empowered alignment. My life’s mission has been showing people just like you how to easily break self-destructive habits, have the energy you want and need to live in an internally calm connected state of deep self-awareness for as long as you inhabit your beautiful body.

Are you ready to bring weightless, pure JOY to your days?

Want to break old patterns once and for all, and discover new, intentional ways of eating, thinking, breathing, and liv-ing?

Start This New Season With Support And Accountability To Truly Embrace The Real Empowered You.

Now everything you really need is at hand.

This 12 Step Blueprint Will Re-Empower You In Every Aspect Of Your Life.

This is a tried-and-true system.

  • 01
    Welcome to the course!
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    • How to use this course
    • Welcome to EYE, Empower Your Essence Course
  • 02
    Live Call Schedule With Gurutej
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    • Dates for Live Calls You Can Join In (KEEP REFERRING TO THIS PAGE)
    • IMPORTANT! Links to the Live Calls
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    Book Your Free Private Session With Gurutej
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    • Book Here a Private Call With Gurutej
  • 04
    Empower Your Essence (eBook)
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    • Empower Your Essence eBook (PDF)
  • 05
    Stage 1: Awakening Your True Desire & Claiming Support
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    • Deep Dive Into Your Desires. Getting the Support You Need. [VIDEO]
    • How to Awaken and Activate Your Core Desire. [VIDEO]
  • 06
    Stage 2: Legacy as Your Guide
    Show details
    • What "Legacy" Means? Mapping Your Legacy [VIDEO]
  • 07
    Stage 3: Claiming Your Support, Activating Your Goals
    Show details
    • Claiming Your Support, Activating Your Goals
    • Four Part Breath Meditation [VIDEO]
    • Sa Ta Na Ma Mantra [VIDEO]
  • 08
    Stage 4: Understanding Your Feelings
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    • Understanding Your Feelings [VIDEO]
  • 09
    Stage 5: It's All Communication: Clear Your Environment, Calm Your Head
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    • Declutter Your Environment [VIDEO]
  • 10
    Stage 6: Claim Your Creative/Up-Level Your Habits
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    • Stage 9: Claim Your Creative / Up Level Your Habits
    • Get Creative Upgrade Your Habits [VIDEO]
  • 11
    Stage 7: Being Fed
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    • Feeding All of You [VIDEO]
    • Dragon Breath Meditation [VIDEO]
    • Four-Part Breath [VIDEO]
  • 12
    Stage 8: Your True Image / Up-level Your Self Worth
    Show details
    • Your True Image | Up-level Your Self-Worth
    • Finding Self Worth with Gurutej and Maryam Webster [AUDIO]
    • Desk Bowing to Clear Your Mind - Exercise [VIDEO]
  • 13
    Stage 9: Revealing/Claiming Your Gifts - The Joy Factor
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    • Revealing | Claiming Your Gifts – The Joy Factor (VIDEO)
    • Passion: What is it, how to find yours (VIDEO)
  • 14
    Stage 10: Priceless Gratitude
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    • Integrating Gratitude (VIDEO)
    • Make Your Gratitude List [DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEET]
  • 15
    Stage 11: Sovereignty: Claiming & Feeding Your Sacred Domain
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    • Stage 17: Sovereignty: Claiming and Feeding your "Sacred Domain"
    • Your Sovereignty, Your Birthright [VIDEO]
  • 16
    Stage 12: In-Depth Legacy
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    • Digging into what your Legacy REALLY is
    • Support & Legacy [VIDEO]
    • Re-Write Your Mission Statement [DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEETS]
  • 17
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    • BONUS: Living Healthy and Wisely. Listen to Gurutej with Dr. Elizabeth Naylor [AUDIO]
    • BONUS: Marla Maples' Secrets to Get and Stay Connected and Empowered [AUDIO]
    • BONUS: 10 Simple Strategies for Joy with Marbeth Dunn [AUDIO]
    • BONUS: Gurutej interviews Elizabeth Diamond and Lyn Scheurell on: Challenges and how to use them to regain an empowered life. Priceless tips and tools for you. [AUDIO]
    • BONUS: Allana Pratt: A Juicy Explosive Loving of YOU! [AUDIO]
    • BONUS: Luscious Every Day Intimacy [VIDEO]
    • BONUS: Michelle Skaletski-Boyd and Maryam Webster: Tips on Letting Go [AUDIO]
  • 18
    Show details
    • BONUS: Allow Yourself to Be You: Inner Peace at Las, By Pernilla Lillarose [eBook Download]

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