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The Moon She Rocks You – Ebook 

What are the Moon Center cycles? Why should we as women care about them? Because these centers have a direct and deep impact on us.

Have you noticed that some days you feel strong and powerful, like you can take on the entire universe? Other days, someone looks at you cross-eyed and you want to find a bathroom to hide in or kill them? Why is that?

The Moon Centers Science will shed light on all this. This is not a shield to hide behind, but information to make you more aware and informed. Complete with support tools that will make you more awake, aware, and truly empowered, because you know how to claim the gifts of each center and not be drug around by the challenges.

One of the many yoga technologies taught by Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga, was the eleven moon centers in women. These centers may explain why women fluctuate and change so often. The eleven moon centers are 11 sensual points in a woman’s body. Your body. They bring a gift or a challenge, and the capacity to claim the neutral (vastness ) of each of these centers. Either you can work with your emotional being or for it. This book gives you the tools to work with each of these amazing centers and claim the gifts each day for the rest of your life.

The 13th Month: How to Get 29 Extra Days Each Year

What if a magic genie came down and gave you two extra hours each and every day? Would you accept the gift? Would you be ecstatic? How would you like to sleep less, yet FEEL BETTER? Ask yourself: What would make you willing to sleep less? I want you to look at these numbers and see if they inspire you.

If you gained two waking hours per day—that is, 14 hours a week, 60 hours a month, and a glorious 728 hours a year, then you gain over a month each year. You will have found a free gift if you take me up on this process.

A Slice of the Beloved, Yoga for Couples

Why another book on relationships? Because everything in life is about Energy and Relationships. If you want to get juicy, playful, and experience vast reverence then this could be for you.
You will get profoundly simple and effective tools to:
First: Connect and reconnect to the beloved in you.
Next : How to attract and then play with your beloved.
Third: Building the soul of your relationship. Two bodies, one soul.
Fourth: Creating a powerful platform to embrace service to whatever aspect of the world calls to you.
Having healthy intimate relationships is the basis of true happiness. Learn practical tools to:

  1. Lose fear,
  2. Learn that being right isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,
  3. Create deep joyous intimacy,
  4. Increase communication Skills (brilliant listeningand so much more)
  5. Claim a “deeply divine” playful relationship with your partner that flows into all your relationships.


Empower Your Essence

What does EYE mean besides “eye"? Empower Your Essence also means to see your life from your real EYE—your inner EYE. My Book, by this title, is being released today. Wahe Guru, big “greatful” cheer! So greatful. I hope you will take advantage. What does that mean for you?

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