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Being spiritual is now trendy, hip, in, but having a spiritual practice is much more challenging than just saying you are spiritual. It’s what supports you in having the life you truly long for. 

Happiness and contentment are inside jobs. That means you get to be with you in a much deep way. This isn’t something you can buy at a store or achieve by wearing the right clothes. It’s showing up each day to be inside your practice. 

I want to support you in your journey to become your own Energy Guru. To know how to shift your energetic states in easy time, and most of all, in these challenging times. 

Spiritual life is built. It doesn’t descend on you because you say you are and… if you leave it, it leaves you. 

Are you ready to be supported on your daily journey, love? 

Just a couple of questions to see if this program can truly serve you. 

Do you ever do any of these? 

  • Skip your morning meditation/practice for a little more sleep?

  • Watch TV late so you can’t get up in the morning?

  • Seeing that you are reacting in the same old patterns?

  • Romance, deep relationships and intimacy eluding you?

  • Food love-hate game? Lose weight; gain it back, plus. 

  • Work is not fulfilling? Can’t see a way out. 

You want to feel seen, connected, inspired and woman manifest amazingness, but you’re not really sure how to do it. You think you need a miracle. I will say you need great tools, a sprinkle of discipline and support. I am here to support you with all of these. I have your entire being covered, love. 

I created the Awaken with Gurutej Membership to make it incredibly easy and joyously fun to stay consistent with and in your spiritual practice—so you can experience feeling connected, inspired and supported every day.

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When you have a daily practice, spirituality is no longer just a fringe part of your life, like when you take a yoga class or go on a weekend retreat. Instead, you get to experience a spiritual way of living, a truly spiritual life! When you have a spiritual practice leading your life, you don’t get trapped in the same ole unfun, unhealthy patterns. 

When something challenging happens, you bounce back faster. 

Instead of having a meltdown, you intuitively know where to go to reset yourself.

Your happiness depends on your capacity to quickly get back to connected, not something outside you.

The Awaken Membership makes it really easy and fun to live a spiritual life. You get a structure and guidance that is flexible and fits into your life. You aren’t on your own, you are part of this amazing community. 

The moment you join, you become part of a community of supportive Energy Gurus who share your values and help you stay on track.


“When I heard about the possibilities of 29 more days and that I could claim each year to its fullest, I was ready and willing to say yes. YES, I’m ready for more- Yes, I’m ready for what I deserve! When I saw Gurutej Broke it down to just 6 simple life areas yielding an overall Abundance Strategy I jumped in. I Love it and cant’ wait to see it in action and share it with my friends and family.”


Marla Waldman

What You Get Each Month

  • Monthly Focus and Mantra
  • Each month will have a theme and focus highlighting a different area of your life. This focus will help make it easier to stay on track. There’s a monthly mantra sheet that will help you stay focused. Print it out and put it where you will see it often. 
  • Meditation on monthly topic. 
  • I’ll share a meditation I have used and found empowering that ties into each month’s focus. I encourage you to practice the meditation as often as you can, at least once/day for best results. You’ll always have access to past meditations.
  • Every month includes a powerful audio in which I offer guidance on how to take action for a more empowered life, tips of personal growth tools, and spiritual practices. I am here to support you. You are not alone. I’m here to guide you. 
  • Energy Guru Video each month - 1-3 min exercises to interrupt the challenge of the moment and get yourself back to an empowered and awakened state of life. 

  • Gurutej’s Best Podcast/Summits- Every month includes a powerful audio in which I offer guidance on how to take action for a more empowered life, tips of personal growth tools and spiritual practices. I am here to support you. You are not alone. I’m here to guide you.

Be Part of an Awakened Community

Connect with like-minded Awaken beings in a private Facebook group where you can ask and answer questions, share your story and find tons of encouragement.

Exclusive discounts on my courses

As a member of The Awaken Community, you get a 20% discount on a selection of my digital courses and some products. 

Guide Book: The 13th Month: How to get an extra 29 days each year. 

Will be your guide book. You will get your digital copy in your first month. 

There is nothing else like

This Awaken Membership. 

I know because nothing has the depth nor breadth that I am offering you at this price. I’ve done the research. I would have loved this kind of support when I started my spiritual journey. Thus, why I created this for you. 

The Awaken Membership is the only program that gives you weekly/monthly guidance to help you experience a deeper spiritual connection with everything in your life in an effortless way, for your life.

The Awaken Membership combines the inspiration and energy you crave—the depth of knowledge that my life as a spiritual practitioner and teacher for 50 years has given me. You will gain transformative power through meditation and the sense of community you feel on a retreat. 

This is the end and the beginning of the path. You don’t need to search for some kind of spiritual road map. It’s all here.  

Instead, each month, I’ll give you all you need to dive deep into a new aspect of your life and experience powerful transformations.

It doesn’t matter if you have read all my books and taken courses with me or you are just starting on this path to your awakened spirit. I will meet you there AND this community will support you too. 

No matter if you feel ready, or not, let me just say, if you are reading this, the longing is there. You will notice the benefits of this right away, not sometime in the distant future. I am here with you. 

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Month 1: True Prosperity
    Show details
  • 02
    Month 2: Relax & Rejoice
    Show details
    • Month 2: Journal Questions for Relaxation (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 2: Relax & Rejoice (AUDIO)
    • Meditation and Mantra for the Month (VIDEO + TEXT INSTRUCTIONS)
  • 03
    Month 3: Claim Your Real Energy Now
    Show details
    • Month 3: Journal Questions for Achieving Real Energy (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 3: RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG Mantra (AUDIO)
  • 04
    Month 4: Releasing Anger and Overwhelm
    Show details
    • Month 4: Journal Questions for Releasing Anger and Feeling Overwhelmed (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 4: Mantra Har (AUDIO)
    • Dragon Breath (VIDEO)
  • 05
    Month 5: Remove Self Betrayal and Listen to Your Higher Call
    Show details
    • Month 5: Journal Questions for Removing Self Betrayal and Listening to Your Higher Calling (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 5: Self Betrayal (AUDIO)
    • Remove Self Betrayal and Listen to Your Higher Call (VIDEO)
  • 06
    Month 6: Cracking the Fear Code
    Show details
    • Month 6: Journal Questions for Facing Your Fear (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 6: Break Your Fear (AUDIO)
    • To get rid of haunting thoughts Meditation (VIDEO)
  • 07
    Month 7: From Exhausted To Empowered
    Show details
    • Month 7: Journal Questions for Becoming Empowered (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 7: From Exhausted to Empowered (AUDIO)
    • Finger Flexing to Calm Nerves (VIDEO)
  • 08
    Month 8: From Scared to Sacred Releasing Anxiety
    Show details
    • Month 8: Journal Questions for Releasing Anxiety (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 8: The Mantra Wahe Guru (AUDIO)
    • Four Part Breathing Exercise (VIDEO)
  • 09
    Month 9: Busting Spiritual Myths
    Show details
    • Month 9: Journal Questions for Busting Spiritual Myths (PRINT OUT)
    • Busting Spiritual Myths: Mantra Waho the Blessed Vastness (VIDEO)
    • Welcome to Class 9: Busting Spiritual Myths (AUDIO)
  • 10
    Month 10: Embracing Connection & Releasing Insecurity
    Show details
    • Month 10: Journal Questions for Embracing Connection & Releasing Insecurity (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 10: Release Insecurity (AUDIO)
    • Mantra: I am bright I am beautiful I am I am I am I am (VIDEO)
  • 11
    Month 11: Releasing Depression
    Show details
    • Month 11: Journal Questions for Letting Go of Depression (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 11: Cracking Depression (AUDIO)
    • Releasing Depression (VIDEOS)
  • 12
    Month 12: Chaos to Clarity
    Show details
    • Month 12: Journal Questions for Turning Your Chaos Into Clarity (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 12: From Chaos to Clarity (AUDIO)
    • Chaos to Clarity Mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma (VIDEO)
  • 13
    BONUS! Free e-Book "The 13th Month"
    Show details
    • The 13th Month Ebook (PDF)
    • Private Facebook Group Invite


Limited time price

  • Each month, you get a members only inspirational audio, meditation and monthly mantra to focus your practice. Calendar to have fun tracking your meditations and life changes. NEED this Randi

  • An Energy Guru Video of how to reclaim your energy in the moment; 1- to 3-minute exercises for thriving. These can be done almost anywhere. 

  • You will be part of our private Facebook group and become part of this Awaken community! This is such an empowered place. Connect with other miracle embers, ask and answer questions, share your awakenings, find support, and have fun playing!

Receive a 20% discounts on a selection of my digital courses. This benefit is available only to Awaken Members!

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I have hundreds of testimonials from people telling me how my work has transformed their lives. I took this as a sign that I needed to create a way you can get more support and connection with me so… you can truly get empowered and energized in the moment. No waiting required. 

This amazingly simple subscription platform keeps us connected through each step along your spiritual journey, especially on your most chaotic day. You will have instant access with your login to do the exercise, meditation, or thought you may need to feel supported you in regaining your empowerment through difficult circumstances.

Awaken with Gurutej is a monthly subscription platform that offers fresh, new, inspirational content mixed in with some of my archived content that are like precious jewels!

Awaken with Gurutej is a monthly subscription platform that offers fresh, new, inspirational content mixed in with some of my archived content that are like precious jewels!

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Social proof: testimonials

“You are really inspiring female role model and so is your Awaken site. I love how you can incorporate the quick easy exercises when one is feeling stuck. I am doing them all. It's like dipping into a magic bag of goody tricks to make you feel WOW. I can't wait to discover and be the woman I want to be and your videos and teachings have been AMAZINGLY INSIGHTFUL, FUN, and INTERESTING. Thank you for your blessings. smiles and kindness ”

Veejay Kaur :-)

“Sat Nam Gurutej. I feel honored and blessed to have gotten your attention if even only for a moment. I am humbled and inspired by what I learned of you on line. I hope to perhaps one day get a chance to meet you in person and follow in your footsteps in my life. ”

Matthew Sutherlin

“Gurutej Kaur is the breath I dream of and a spiritual life force I strive for. The combined energy of both embody a very special and powerful woman. ”

Victoria Jackson Cosmetics

Victoria Jackson

“Our Greatest gift after studying with Gurutej Kaur for years is potential. We have received so much strength, compassion, endurance and awareness. This has helped our expansion in our Tom & Emily Kaplan.”