Course curriculum

  • 01
    Month 1: True Prosperity
    Show details
  • 02
    Month 2: Relax & Rejoice
    Show details
    • Month 2: Journal Questions for Relaxation (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 2: Relax & Rejoice (AUDIO)
    • Meditation and Mantra for the Month (VIDEO + TEXT INSTRUCTIONS)
  • 03
    Month 3: Claim Your Real Energy Now
    Show details
    • Month 3: Journal Questions for Achieving Real Energy (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 3: RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG Mantra (AUDIO)
  • 04
    Month 4: Releasing Anger and Overwhelm
    Show details
    • Month 4: Journal Questions for Releasing Anger and Feeling Overwhelmed (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 4: Mantra Har (AUDIO)
    • Dragon Breath (VIDEO)
  • 05
    Month 5: Remove Self Betrayal and Listen to Your Higher Call
    Show details
    • Month 5: Journal Questions for Removing Self Betrayal and Listening to Your Higher Calling (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 5: Self Betrayal (AUDIO)
    • Remove Self Betrayal and Listen to Your Higher Call (VIDEO)
  • 06
    Month 6: Cracking the Fear Code
    Show details
    • Month 6: Journal Questions for Facing Your Fear (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 6: Break Your Fear (AUDIO)
    • To get rid of haunting thoughts Meditation (VIDEO)
  • 07
    Month 7: From Exhausted To Empowered
    Show details
    • Month 7: Journal Questions for Becoming Empowered (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 7: From Exhausted to Empowered (AUDIO)
    • Finger Flexing to Calm Nerves (VIDEO)
  • 08
    Month 8: From Scared to Sacred Releasing Anxiety
    Show details
    • Month 8: Journal Questions for Releasing Anxiety (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 8: The Mantra Wahe Guru (AUDIO)
    • Four Part Breathing Exercise (VIDEO)
  • 09
    Month 9: Busting Spiritual Myths
    Show details
    • Month 9: Journal Questions for Busting Spiritual Myths (PRINT OUT)
    • Busting Spiritual Myths: Mantra Waho the Blessed Vastness (VIDEO)
    • Welcome to Class 9: Busting Spiritual Myths (AUDIO)
  • 10
    Month 10: Embracing Connection & Releasing Insecurity
    Show details
    • Month 10: Journal Questions for Embracing Connection & Releasing Insecurity (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 10: Release Insecurity (AUDIO)
    • Mantra: I am bright I am beautiful I am I am I am I am (VIDEO)
  • 11
    Month 11: Releasing Depression
    Show details
    • Month 11: Journal Questions for Letting Go of Depression (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 11: Cracking Depression (AUDIO)
    • Releasing Depression (VIDEOS)
  • 12
    Month 12: Chaos to Clarity
    Show details
    • Month 12: Journal Questions for Turning Your Chaos Into Clarity (PRINT OUT)
    • Welcome to Class 12: From Chaos to Clarity (AUDIO)
    • Chaos to Clarity Mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma (VIDEO)

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Do You Want To Be A Part Of An Empowered Community?

Do you want “the more” of life but not quite sure how to get it or stay there if you do?



Do you wish you could meditate or have the support to create that habit?

Do you want “the more” of life but not quite sure how to get it or stay there if you do?

If the answer is yes, then I want to share my tool kit with you. I’ve been growing my tool kit for oh lets just say a very long time. I have used my kit every single day and sometimes leaned heavily into and on these tools. This gem of a tool kit is from years and years of teaching all over the world and traveling with my teacher Yogi Bhajan, Studying TM and Self Realization before that, Shamanism and Kaballah and life and my students.  I embraced being a spiritual teacher through a deep commitment to serve, you, my community. I have been given assignments to create DVD’s, books, priceless flip charts, courses, retreats, videos, and soul resonant messages.

You have been my inspiration to create all these products and courses to support your journey to becoming the most empowered YOU. From that place you can serve as you are meant to serve.

I always wanted more access to the guidance from those I have loved and honored most. To have a community hub where I could log in and discover their content with ease. I loved when my teacher taught because it was always new and amazing. I needed that support to keep me inspired and committed to my path and practice.

I now see how having a place, a community and way to store the data you want to stay connected is priceless. I honor the gift that the internet has given us to be able to have this as a support tool for our, yes our, inner journey.

I know that there are many others who feel this way. How? Because I’ve received requests from Empowerment seekers asking for monthly tools to help them stay committed, consistent and inspired on their spiritual journey and everyday life. I’ve heard endless stories of people joyously diving into their practices only to revert back to old behavior after a few weeks. I understand this. This is normal but not empowered.  It can, okay will most likely be challenging to stay committed to your spiritual and personal growth amidst the whirl of responsibilities and distractions of everyday life. Many people have shared with me that clear support really helps them stay on track. Email reminders can allow them to pause, breath into their busy days with a few minutes of meditation or an Energy Guru exercise to regain calm and center themselves.

I have hundreds of testimonials from people telling me how my work has transformed their lives. I took this as a sign that I needed to create a way you can get more support and connection with me so…. you can truly get empowered, energized in the moment. No waiting required.

It is time for me to create an offering that will give you a consistent connection to new tools and practices. With this desire, I am creating a monthly awakening subscription called AWAKEN WITH GURUTEJ.  This amazingly simple subscription platform keeps us connected through each step along your spiritual journey. Especially on your most chaotic day you will have instant access with your login to just the exercise, meditation or thought you may need to feel supported you in regaining your empowerment through difficult circumstances.

Awaken With Gurutej Is A Monthly Subscription Platform That Offers Fresh, New, Inspirational Content Mixed In With Some Of My Archived Content That Holds Jewels!

I’ll be sharing my latest and most empowered content (you will get to share what I am exploring that month) along with my best Energy Guru tools, tips, videos and more.


  • One radio interview. With great tips and tools for some specific aspect of your life and your spiritual practice.
  • One meditation video that will help you expand your intuition, release chaos and experience rejuvenation to create a more awakened, harmonious life. If you’re new to meditation, great. These are short and deep.  You will love, love these meditations. Anyone can do them.
  • One Energy Guru Video that will give you awareness and energy in 1-3 min. Anytime during the day when you need it most. This is your break that will really break the old habits.
  • 3 Transformational Questions each month on our topic for you to play with. Breathe into, wrestle with, learn from, expand your perspective from. A safe platform to change your perspective and elevate your life and consciousness.
  • One Empowerment mantra for the month. Your Mantra of the month will be available in print and audio file so you can bathe in the mantra ( mantra means to train your mind upon) Feel free to get creative with this mantra. Put it everywhere. Share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and any other friend or channel you choose. Claim it so it can claim you.
  • 2-3 Relevant pictures with Awakening sayings to visually inspire and uplift you.


Pay now! When you enroll in my Annual subscription you will also get a free digital copy of The 13th Month.

Ready to commit to your awakening to your being a Soul in a “Hueman”(Hue = light  Man= mind) incarnation instead of a human who may have a soul?  Say yes to your spiritual practice and deepen your personal growth? Sign up for Awaken with Gurutej today to unleash your own inner potential. Get exciting, timeless content I can’t wait to share with you! I’ll be your spiritual, physical and emotional mentor every step of your journey. No matter how busy you are, I’ll be there to support and empower you each month with Awaken with Gurutej Why wait? It’s time to claim your happiness.




“When I heard about the possibilities of 29 more days and that I could claim each year to its fullest, I was ready and willing to say yes. YES, I’m ready for more- Yes, I’m ready for what I deserve! When I saw Gurutej Broke it down to just 6 simple life areas yielding an overall Abundance Strategy I jumped in. I Love it and cant’ wait to see it in action and share it with my friends and family.”