The Art of Energy: Your Blueprint for Great Energy

How to Get Great Energy From 6 Aspects of Your Life in Just 6 Weeks

A 6-week dive with personal group calls into how to get great energy from 6 aspects of your life without the cheaters we normally employ.
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Energy without cheaters

Energy is YOUR most important commodity in your life.

What is Great Energy? It’s an effortless feeling of grace, calm, connected being. 

It’s that feeling of patience and kindness that allows you to feel you have more to give, not less.

 It’s the end of keeping score and being able to go deeper in relationships with more intention in intuition. Yes, your intuition comes alive when you have more energy. 

Great Energy is something we sense in ourselves and in another in simple ways even by just walking into a room or checking out at a grocery store. 

Everyone feels energy. 

Truly great energy means your inner light, your intuition, is leading the way. 

This inner engine and light are behind every meaningful experience in your life. 

Now you can have this great energy every day, not just special occasions.

This is for you if you want ...






Energy without cheaters

Cheaters are the things we all revert back to when we are “out of energy”—the sugar, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, diversions, i.e., escaping on SM.

Energy is the most important commodity in our lives.

With it, we can do wonders. Without it, we get impatient, bitchy, reactive, angry, and resentful.  

Is that you? 

People Are Talking About The Art of Energy

Read What Some Members Have to Say About The Art of Energy: Your Blueprint for Great Energy

“I loved The Art Of Energy course with Gurutej! Her energy, wisdom and humor brought me new perspectives and her guidance was invaluable in helping me to create positive and meaningful change in my life.”

Freelance Musician & Composer, Teaching Artist in Toronto

Cathy Nosaty

“Of all the benefits I received, two stand out: 1. I had no idea how important our breath is. Gurutej taught us a number of techniques including one to relax and one to energize. 2. Best of all: I have a profound sense of well being. The almost constant anxiety I felt before the course has mostly disappeared.”

A 73-year-old grandpa and Humor Coach

Rob Christie

“The Art of Energy with Gurutej has allowed me to drop some habits that created false energy that left me feeling depleted and has resourced me with ways to have the meaningful connections, habits and energy that I was craving. I feel so much better thanks to this dedicated focus and Gurutej’s graceful guidance. ”

WILDFIT coach, Australia

Dharamjot Kaur

Space is limited to keep this group intimate

The Art of Energy

Achieve Great Natural Energy for Life

This if for you if:

  • You know you want more real energy (goodbye to cheaters).

  • You know that this IS the year to reset YOU.

  • You are tired of being tired and overwhelmed.

  • You need and want simple quick effect tips that don’t add more on your already full plate.

  • You trust that you can say yes to the most important aspect (energy) shift in your life, you just need some real support.

  • You crave more patience and kindness.

  • You know you need upgraded tools to support your life, your relationships, your financial elevation, and most of all, your expansion as a human being.

Great Tools + Plus Desire + Support = Great Habits that Sustain You.

If yes, this is the blueprint

Buy Now

Are you ready for that easy toolkit? It’s about WHO you really want to be.

Energy is your most important commodity in your life.

How can that vision, that knowingness be sustained and supported?

You will get:

  • A digital copy of The Art of Energy Book

  • 7 group calls - 6 Calls and 1 BONUS Call

  • Your success template with actionable steps

  • Private group to connect with each other and share

  • Meeting your fears of change with humor and short 1 to 3-minute Energy tools

  • Unveiling the Energy Blueprint of your life and understanding if it is serving you, and if not, how to upgrade your blueprint.

End Bad Habits

Energy is the most important commodity in our lives.

There will be 7 weekly calls starting June 8th! Reserve Your Spot before this sells out!

💡40 days/6 weeks is the perfect amount of time to release an old habit.💡    

💡Opening the door for building a new upgraded habit which will support you.💡  

💡A private group to connect, support and encourage each other. 💡 


All I ask is you commit to this 6-week commitment to create just one new supportive habit  that will change/up-level your life. 

Psst… other areas of your life will follow suit. It’s contagious. 


Your Focused, Alive, Patient Energy will flow. That is my promise. 


Price is only $397 for 7 live calls and support. 


The time of calls will be announced in the back end after you register. 


Don’t worry if you can’t make a call. All calls will be recorded and uploaded.


You can ask for support in our private group or questions submitted before the calls will be answered on the calls. 

People Are Talking About The Art of Energy

Read What Some Members Have to Say About The Art of Energy: Your Blueprint for Great Energy

“Gurutej! I've gotten so much enjoyment and wisdom from this course! It has opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about my potential, my health, and how I care for my body - in this short period I've already started to feel dramatic changes in my physical experience. Thank you!”

Maui, Hawaii

Megan James

“The Art of Energy Book and Class together created a safe place for me to reconnect with living consciously. The simplicity of living a Joyful life is possible when we return home to ourselves. I am grateful for the experience and to have connected with Gurutej.”

Yoga teacher, astrologer in Niagara on the Lake, Canada

Nancy Drope

Space is limited to keep this group intimate